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The best way to learn is a personalized educational experience. David is available for One-on-One studio and workroom consulting designed to appraise and advise you on your portfolio, help you improve your work environment, and get to set up for shooting and post-production.

C$250 + HST - 2hours

C$650 +HST per day (travel fee is extra outside GTA and will be added separately)


One-on-One consulting designed to address your specific growth needs. Activities may include 'Portfolio' reviews, assessments of albums or prints with solid feedback regarding improvement and enhancement (in an encouraging and helpful atmosphere).

C$250 + HST - 2 hours

C$650 +HST per day


Telephone, Facetime or Skype consulting. This is particularly useful for photographers requiring solid feedback and advice on competition entries. David brings 35 years of experience as a judge and jury chair to this experience. This is also an excellent facility for one-on-one, in-depth judges training.

C$100 + HST per hour

US$75 per hour

UK£60 per hour


Epson printer/computer/screen set up.

C$100 + HST per hour (travel fee outside GTA is extra and will be added separately)


Gather a Handful of Photographer Friends and Hire David for an Unforgettable One Day Workshop

9:00 am SHARP - finishing 6:00 pm

Specific subjects include...

Posing group photographs quickly, and stylishly

Creative portraits in small spaces

The clear and concise introduction to quality inkjet printing

Lighting with speedlights

This is an instructional seminar on how to make quality professional quality wedding and portrait images using minimal equipment to its best advantage. This is a lecture-style presentation with some demonstrations.

There is an optional folio review available on request which occurs after class. Participants should bring a current edited wedding or portrait session on their laptop. Do not rely on connecting to the internet. Folio reviews are in front of other attendees, however viewing attendees may not contribute to the conversation and observations.

Attendees are to bring minimal equipment to record scenes and samples. Attendees should make their own notes.

Class limited to 12 attendees - (minimum required attendees is six)

C$395.00 + HST per person

Cancellation & Refund Policy

David A. Williams reserves the right to cancel a one day seminar up to 20 days out from the start date. He is not responsible for any additional costs, or travel costs incurred by the attendee. In the event of David cancelling, there is a full refund available for any seminar fee paid. Any cancellation by the attendee up to 20 days out from the advertised start date will incur a $60 'financial fart-around' fee deducted from the refund. Attendees unable to attend on the day due to illness may elect to attend a future seminar. A refund will not be issued.


The Almost Alone Workshop with David A. Williams

This is a three-day intensive seminar limited to 8-12 people depending on the location. It includes a more detailed exploration of all subjects covered in the core educational offering as well as folio reviews, and supervised practice time.

It requires a local host to help organize and promote the seminar as well as proving the appropriate venue for it to take place (subject to David's approval). Lunches are included. The host assists in getting the required minimum attendance of 8 people (maximum 12 depending on location). David handles the registrations.

Within Canada, attendance fee is CA$1,500.00 per person including HST.

Within United States, attendance fee is US$1,350.00 per person.

In the UK or Europe, attendance fee is standardized to GB£725.00 per person.

What You Will Learn

More than ever before (in my 30+ years experience anyway) professional photography is looking the same due (I believe) to action sets and pre-designed album templates used unwisely. And our buying public doesn't see that kind of work in the high-quality lifestyle and fashion magazines, so what should that tell us?

  • This isn't about making you buy the latest stuff, or going for the fashion model pouty pose in exotic locations.
  • It is about making, clean, quality images - free of textures, over-processing and plastic skin.
  • It is about working to eradicate the 'fix it late in Photoshop' mentality.
  • It's about having a 'darkroom brain' In a digital world when working with images.
  • This is not about learning the tricks of the trade it's about learning the trade.


This seminar is aimed at any photographer working, or starting to work in the professional wedding and portrait field who wants to improve their knowledge of lighting, posing and the creation of fine images. A basic working knowledge of camera and flash operation, and basic Photoshop skills is required. Classes are regularly composed of anything from newbies through to the experienced photographer looking for a 'refresher'. Terminology and technicalities are kept precise and direct to aid attendee note-taking.

Key Value Learning Points

  • The principle of ‘A good fit’ and the interview process you need to have
  • How do you find light, determine it's quality and breadth of working area?
  • How do you use speed-light flash effectively and quickly to create natural looking images without modifiers?
  • How do we create casual, yet elegant, arrangements for individuals and especially groups?
  • How to light receptions – minimal equipment for maximum results
  • Understanding how to shoot for album content
  • Album design principles and ideas
  • Working with color and density in post-production
  • Understanding the benefits from studying art influences from mainstream media and high quality magazines and their direct application
  • Using Epson printers & papers to make beautiful specialized prints to set you apart
  • The ‘Studio’ mentality vs the ‘Creative space’
  • How to create a sense of depth and dimension in small spaces
  • Using minimal props for dramatic effect

Please contact David to inquire about 2019 workshops.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

David. A. Williams reserves the right to cancel a seminar up to 20 days out from the start date. He is NOT responsible for any additional costs, or travel costs incurred by the attendee. In the event of David cancelling, all seminar fees already paid are refunded in full. In the event of an attendee cancelling, payments will be refunded up until 20 days out from the advertised start date - less a 10% 'fart around' fee. Any cancellation closer to the seminar date will incur a 25% 'This gives me the shits' fee. Attendees unable to attend on the day due to illness may elect to attend a future seminar. A refund will not be issued.


Inspirational Lectures for Organizations

David Anthony Williams offers a remarkable two-hour presentation called "Cycles & Echoes." This moving presentation is a must-see for groups looking to remind their members of the value that photographs have in preserving memories and cherishing loved ones.

CA$1,800 +HST per day + travel. Your company is responsible for ALL promotion, all bookings of attendees and all cancellation policies.

Please contact David to inquire about Inspirational Lectures.


Phone: (1) 647.296.7750