Aspiring Actress Headshot Toronto by David Williams
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Aspiring Actress Headshot Toronto by David Williams


‘The wind from the storm catches her hair and the light in her heart comes to her speech….’

Claire has a unique beauty and a great presence. I photographed her in a small studio environment, and had pre-visualized adding the stormy sky later. Choosing a lower camera position helped strengthen her presence. The use of a large man’s coat suggested clothing chosen for practicality, warmth and protection against the cold.

The ‘necklace’ is actually small strand LED’s carefully placed. The ‘wind’ is a domestic fan placed just out of image. Claire is in her final year at Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario in the Drama department. She has appeared in ‘Antony & Cleopatra’ by William Shakespeare at the St Lawrence Shakespeare Festival.

125th sec @ f8 200iso

Location: Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

1/30; f/7.1; ISO 640; 50.0 mm.